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5PCS Plant Extract wrapped Facial Sheet Mask

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These sheet plant extract wrapped facial sheet mask are the perfect mask you need, they nourish the skin, improves skin moisturizing, help in oil control and prevent the bacteria that causes acne combats aging, treat acne and sunburn. They also improves the dryness of skin.

            1. Blueberry mask:  Antioxidant crucial for collagen production, rich in vitamin C, increase circulation to help glow
            2. Aloe vera mask: Anti Inflammatory, treats sunburn, treats acne, and combats aging
            3. Olive mask: Removes black head and white head, anti oxidants, moisturizes, fade scars and pimple mask, repair skin cells
            4. Honey mask: Treats acne and prevents it, combats aging, complexion boost, unclog pores
            5. Pomegranate mask: Rich in antioxidants, pomegranates neutralize the effect of free radicals on the skin which causes aging, also perfect for acne treatment.